Brighton triathlon 2018

When I was offered a place by Sebamed to take part in this year’s Brighton triathlon, I knew I couldn’t say no. I had such a brilliant race last year, and it’s such a great day out, that I knew I wanted to be a part of it again.

Sebamed are a brand who have a range of pH netural skincare products that are great for using on all skin types. They were the headline sponsors of this years’ Brighton Triathlon, and I personally love to use their body care when training for an event. They have a great selection of products, from cleansers to body lotions and deodorants, which I can rely on to keep my skin in good condition when undergoing heavy training.

However, after a busy summer of a still new commute, travels for work and general slacking off, I turned up to the start line completely underprepared: I’d hardly swum at all and my bike riding had been somewhat… non-existent. I’d also stepped off a flight from Brazil, just the day before. But even with all these excuses, I still wanted to race, and so lined up on the beach with lots of other pink hats, staring out into the huge waves on Brighton beach.

And the waves were so huge, that the swim was, well, kind of cancelled. Our distance was cut from 1500m to 400m – happily. I’ve done an Olympic swim distance in really big waves before, and it’s not fun. So we swim-surfed our way round the buoys, and were out much sooner than I could have imagined, hobbling up the pebbles and out into the bike park. After those waves, I was pretty glad to be on dry land on my bike! Now, the bike route is still really dull. It’s 8 laps of a section of the seafront road in Brighton, and whilst it means you see people over and over again, which is nice, it’s just so, so boring. The turns at the end are also quite tight, which I’m rubbish at. That said, it is always fun to ride on flat, closed roads, as you can really go like the clappers, but I really wish the organisers would be a bit more creative with where the route goes.
From the bike it was to the bit that I had trained for: running! After a patronising telling off about taking my helmet off before racking my bike – I am still sure I’m not co-ordinated enough to be able to undo my helmet with one hand – I was off. Mark ran alongside me as I did 4 laps (snore) of Brighton seafront. I had a pretty good run and didn’t feel too awful too much of the time. It was really nice to have him alongside me for a chat though.
As with all triathlons, much as I love doing them (I really do!), I was so glad to be finished. There isn’t a goodie bag, but the medal is nice and chunky.

It’s a well-organised race, and thank you to Sebamed for inviting me back to take part.




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