How to be an ironman: 8 weeks to go!

Eight weeks. Eight. EIGHT! That’s not very long really, is it? But that’s all I have left to train for this race I’ve signed myself up to.

The hours per week of training keep going up and up, and I seem to be spending more and more time in the shower and/or eating. I’m still, believe it or not (!), really enjoying it, and I’m still super glad I’ve decided to do it.

The hours are racking up though, and I’ve had a few people ask how I fit them all in. Well, here’s how.

(I feel like I need to prefix this with a couple of points: I don’t have children or a dog and my commute to work is an 11 mile round trip on the bike. So I am very lucky on the time front. I also have a very, very, very understanding boyfriend.)


Stop Faffing

Until recently, I was the Queen of Faffington. I was able to spend an awful lot of time trying to get organised whilst not being organised at all. Now, none of that. My PB’s are as follows:

Packing work clothes: 3 minutes 49

Making salad for lunch: 2 minutes 13

Putting my stuff in the pool locker : 1 minute 23

Wiping my face after at treadmill session: 15 seconds

Being really organised with everything really helps save time.  It sound obvious, but get everything ready for the next day the night before, be really tidy with your kit, know where your hairbrush is and know where your pound for the locker is. It all makes life so much more efficient.

Shower like there’s a water shortage

Linked to the above, I can now shower and change after a session quicker than anyone I know. I’ve got it down to a fine art. Jump in, get wet, lather, rinse, lather, rinse, jump out, dry and shake, dry and shake, deodorant, feet on towel, moisturise, pants, bra, stamp on towel, wipe face, clothes on, hair up, moisturise face. DONE. You’ll notice I don’t do anything to make myself look nice. There’s no time, people, no time!

Bad hair, don’t care!

Get good at multitasking

Often, I’m that person that pisses you off in the gym. If I’ve got an easy session on the bike or on the treadmill, there’s no better place to get some life admin done. Replying to mum’s emails, buy car insurance, buy things from Lululemon, organise nights out (like I do that anymore).

It’s also great to combine workouts with errands. If you’ve got a running rucksack, do your run via the supermarket or post office to pick up your latest missed Wiggle delivery and tick off that job. Run to the novelty 10K you’ve signed up to to add on some additional mileage. Cycle the long way round and back to a friend’s house to let them know you actually are still alive.


Take the guess work out of EVERYTHING

Plan. Plan. Plan. I have everything I do mapped out, and it really helps me get.shit.done. I’ve even recently signed up to the help of The Performance Chef, so even the guess work around what to eat is gone. Not having to decide anything really saves an awful lot of time and faffing (see point one).


Annnnnnd, in case you were wondering how I fit training in IRL, here’s a typical week for me now I’m up in the big hours of ironing.

(If you find training diaries dull as, you can stop reading now.)



7.30am – strength session (40/45 minutes)



6am – swim (1 hour 10 minutes)

5.30pm – run (1hour 15/30 minutes)



6am – swim (1 hour 10 minutes)

5.30pm – brick session (1 hour 15 minutes)



6am – swim (1hour 10 minutes)

5.30pm – ride with intervals (1 hour 30 minutes)



7.30am – strength session (40/45 minutes)

4.30pm – run with intervals (1 hour 15 minutes)



6am – long ride (5 – 6 hours) and run (45 – 60 minutes)



9am – long run (2 – 3 hours)

4pm – turbo session (1 – 2 hours)


… and that’s how my week looks… and will continue to look until the 10th July… It’s a good thing I like routine, isn’t it?!


3 thoughts on “How to be an ironman: 8 weeks to go!

  1. Yowser!! That is one impressive training schedule you’ve got there – and you still manage to blog! Not long to go – you are doing great! I’m loving following your ironing journey, lady! Well done xxx

    1. I try and head upstairs before 10, but that hardly ever happens! I’m usually asleep by 10.45 though – I’m out as soon as I get into bed! It’s just the faffing of getting ready for bed that takes the time! If only there was a magic way of teeth brushing, showering and face washing…

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