As I write this, I’m on a plane. I’m going to Japan, and I’m so excited. I’ve never been to Japan, but ever since I started being an international officer, and long before too, I’ve dreamed of going. I can’t wait, like, really can’t.  What makes it even better is that Mark is arriving in Tokyo tomorrow, and we’ve got 6 days holiday when I finish work next Wednesday. Life is good.

I really worried though, and I’m annoyed at myself for being worried.

I’m a very lucky woman and whenever I travel I stay in lovely hotels with gyms and pools. This means that I’ve really got no excuse to miss out on any training whilst I’m away.  The gym always opens early, and is usually full of lovely things to play on.  Whilst I’ve been staying in Seoul, I’ve not missed a session. I’ve been very boring – not gone out, not done much site seeing and have been getting up very early and going to bed very late to fit them all in.  I’ve been really time efficient and often just got my head down and done back to back to back sessions if I’ve had a window and moved days around.

In Tokyo though, hotels are small and very expensive, and so there isn’t a gym. I’ve got to travel a lot in and around Tokyo for work which means some early starts and some late finishes, meaning that getting to a gym somewhere else is too difficult to fit in.  When we go on holiday, we’re not staying anywhere with a gym either, and besides, I don’t really want to spend 2  – 3 hours of my day training when I could be out with Mark exploring one of the most exciting places I’ve ever been ever.

The next 17 days are going to be up and down. Some days I’ll be able to get my trainers on, some days I won’t… and I really need to be OK with that. Online, I’ve found some places to run in Tokyo, and I’m hoping that if I am up and out early enough I’ll be able to avoid the mega traffic and get to the parks unscathed.

But I have this stupid fear of missing out on loads of sessions. What’s going to happen? Will I suddenly become an unfit, squishy, lazy, mess? Will I lose all motivation for ironing? Will I forget how to swim? It’s ridiculous, I know, but I can’t help it. I’m so, so ‘OCD’ about doing my sessions. Come what may I fit them in at home, but now I feel totally out of control and it’s really scary.

I know I need to relax, and hopefully I will. Mark being there will definitely help too.

In the meantime, Instagram is going to be full of weird Japanese things I find.  And hopefully some places that I’ve found to run.  But maybe it’ll be OK if it isn’t.

UPDATE: The hotel I’m in is just round the corner from a park. A big park. It’s going to be OK!

Although I still don’t have a bike. Meh.


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