How to be an ironman – 3 weeks in.

…and suddenly it was the 1st of January and I needed to start training. I’ve signed up to an ironman, and it’s in July. So that’s now 25 weeks until I will be taking on, arguably, the hardest endurance challenge there is.

Since I signed up in the summer, I’ve been really excited to get going and start training. I was excited to try and get the very fittest I can be, to get better and faster at swimming, cycling and running and to challenge myself mentally and physically as I racked up the miles in training. But then as the big starting day rolled around, I started to feel more and more nervous about the whole thing. It’s not a small undertaking, doing an iron-distance triathlon, in case you didn’t know. I started to worry about how on earth I was going to fit it all in, especially whilst travelling. I started worrying about what I was going to have to sacrifice to do it, and I started worrying about whether I was actually good enough to take on such a thing… and started to think about what a stupid idea it was to do at all.


But I’d signed up and told everyone I was doing it and Laura had sent me the book and so I just had to do it. Friday 1st January saw my first training session: 1 hour run. And I was off – I was ironing.


I’m now just 3 weeks in, and I’m quite enjoying myself really.

I spent the first 2 weeks of this month in Taiwan for work, and so most of my sessions have been holed up in a hotel gym, watching repeats of Junior Masterchef on Star World and sweating everywhere. I did get to do 2 swim sessions at this pool though, so it wasn’t all bad…


I’m plan I’m following (Don Fink “Be Iron Fit”; I’m on the cover, check it out) does everything in hours, and the first phase, building a strong and solid base for things to really kick off in 3 week’s time. I’m training for 9 – 10 hours per week, and although it’s been a squeeze fitting some sessions in, and I’m back to 6am runs and swims, it has been manageable… I’m still nervous for when the training hours hit the high teens. I’ll let you know how it goes, especially the 4 hour bike rides in Seoul and Tokyo in March.


I have big goals for this race, and although I know I shouldn’t, because it’s my first and whatnot, but I like goals and I work well to them. I want to do the race in under 13 hours 30 minutes. I want to finish the swim in 1 hour 15, the bike in 7 hours 30 and run a sub 4 hour marathon. The Bastion is pretty tough as races go, and I know that these may be too lofty, but you never know what you can achieve until you try, hey? So, just 5 months, 2 marathons, 1 half marathon and a half ironman to contend with until I hit the start line of The Biggest Race of My Life. Bring it on, ironing.



2 thoughts on “How to be an ironman – 3 weeks in.

  1. Awesome, massive respect to you. An Ironman scares the shit out of me, the thought of attempting a marathon after all that has gone before is too much for me at the moment even having done 2 ultra’s. I am doing another half ironman this year though after doing my first one last year and saying I wouldn’t do another one 🙂 As much as anything I like that it makes me do more than just run, much better for me physically and I do enjoy the lake swimming.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Doing an ultra doesn’t really appeal as much as ironman, although it’s on the bucket list. I loved training for the half I did in 2014, I really did. I’m just hoping that the sheer amount of hours doesn’t completely take the fun out of it!

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