Running the Ouse

This weekend was made for running.  Warm, sunny and plenty of time.

On Saturday, Mark and I ran from Lewes to Newhaven, to pick up the Colin the car from Colin the brother, who’d taken him fishing.  We ran along the River Ouse, not somewhere we’d explored before.  It was a beautiful route to run, a quiet, cow lined 8 miles and we’ll hopefully be doing it a lot more ofter in the future.


Motion photography at its finest
Cows, cliffs and Cathy


It was also a weekend made for testing out my new running skirt, that Lands’ End kindly sent me, after Laura chose me as her best blogging friend. I’d never really thought to wear a running skirt before, but couldn’t resist the oppurtunity to give one a go.  To be honest, I don’t really ‘get’ them.  This one is essentially shorts with a skirt thing sewn over the top, in stretchy lycra material.  It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, and pretty comfy to run in, but I just don’t get them.  I just feel a bit like I’m on my way to play netball, rather than go for a run…  It’s nice to run in though, and if you are into wearing running skirts, it would be a good buy.  It’s got a little pocket in the top that’s perfect for keys and your parkrun barcode, and a funky bright green inner trim.  I’ll wear it again, for sure, but wouldn’t buy another one – they’re just not really my style.



We went to my lovely friend, Vic’s wedding, on Saturday night, new tan lines and all. We were planning to run around Petworth and the South Downs the following day after we’d stayed under canvas that night.

But then I drank too much gin, Mark ate too much buffet and we both danced too much so that didn’t happen.



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