64 thoughts whilst cycling 64 miles.

  1. Oooo it’s a bit chilly. I hope I’ve got enough clothes on.
  2. Down the hill! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I LOVE cycling!
  3. Ah, red light. That’s OK, we’ll be on the open road soon.
  4. Another one?! It’s 7am, Brighton, there’s no one on the road!
  5. Every red light. What.
  6. Maaaan, I love cycling along the seafront, it’s so refreshing.
  7. Wow, it’s ever so windy today. My face hurts a bit.
  8. Last time I ran along this road was the Brighton half marathon. That was fun.
  9. There are lots of half marathons going on today. I wonder if Josie is doing OK…
  10. Mark’s got really good calves. I wonder if my calves look like that. I should ask him to look.
  11. Oooooo, Roedean. There’s that ironman event in July I want to do – the swim is in their pool. I wonder what the pool is like?
  12. I ought to do some talks at Roedean, they’ve got lots of international students. My job is fun.
  13. This time last week I was in Taiwan. That was fun. It’s nice to be outside though.
  14. I need the toilet.
  15. Ah Denton, that’s where Rose and Ian are. We should go and see them. I wonder what it’s like to have twins?
  16. What would I call twins?
  17. I’d rather have two dogs. Yes, dogs first. Dogs are great. This would be a nice place to walk a dog.
  18. Mark always confused Lidl with Aldi.
  19. We need toilet paper.
  20. I need the toilet.
  21. Yay, we’re stopping. I hope I can find somewhere to go for a wee.
  22. *squatting under a bridge (sorry not sorry) with Mark on guard* OMG that’s so much better.
  23. Sh*t! That’s the railway line! Wee faster! Wee faster!
  24. That house we looked at yesterday was nice. Too big? No, right big.
  25. But there’s no garden. I like a garden. Puppies need a garden.
  26. Yay! Lewes. I love Lewes, it’s so pretty. We should buy in Lewes.
  27. What the bloody hell is this hill?! Lewes is too hilly. This would be no fun every day.
  28. What a cute house! I love Lewes.
  29. *sings in head* Let it go! Let it go! Turn away and slam the door!
  30. Why have I got ‘Frozen’ in my head?
  31. *sings in head* For the first time in forever!
  32. Oooo, there’s going to be Frozen 2. Can’t wait for that. I should have been an actress. I wonder if Emma would let me take the girls with me so I don’t look weird.
  33. It must be fun being a mum. Opps, forgot to text mum. She probably still be asleep, never mind. I wonder what the time is.
  34. Hay! Haywards Heath. There’s a toilet here. That’s good. We could live here.
  35. There are a lot of Range Rovers here.
  36. Would I have a Range Rover?
  37. No, Mark! That’s not the right way.
  38. Oh wait, it is.
  39. This is a big hill. Bloody hate cycling.
  40. More hill – why did we go this way? Stupid cycling.
  42. Haywards Heath again. I’m glad I don’t live here.
  43. Ooooo that looks like a nice Indian. Maybe we should come here for dinner somewhen.
  44. *sings in head* I wanna make love in this club, in this club…
  45. Errr, Usher? Where did you come from? Where are you now?
  46. Usher was fit. I should listen to Usher when we get home. His dancing was excellent. I should be better at dancing.
  47. OMG there’s cake left over from yesterday at home! WINNER.
  48. My knee hurts. Maybe I should stop cycling forever.
  49. I can’t stop cycling. I’ve got an ironman to contend with next year. I wonder when entry opens?
  50. Cycling in Sweden will be amazing. Probably like this road. So smooth, so flat, so fast. Hey, check out that speed!
  51. *at the bottom of Devil’s Dyke* WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!
  52. I’m so rubbish at cycling. I’m so slow. FML.
  53. *passing house on the climb* WHY ARE YOU CALLED “Hilltop”?! YOU’RE NOT AT THE TOP!
  54. This is vile. VILE.
  56. Sussex is a wonderful place to live. The sea, the countryside. So many hills though. Too many really. We should move to Norfolk.
  57. Mark! Eyes on the road, stop watching the football. Mind the sign post! You’ve got history with sign posts.
  58. *sings in head* Bakers gonna bake bake bake
  59. OMG I’ve done 60 miles! That’s the most miles ever. Well done, legs.
  60. I hope Mark says we can stop at the shop for treats.
  61. Look at that dog. He looks so happy. I’d like a dog really.
  62. I’ve just realised I can still feel my hands. IT’S A MIRACLE!
  63. I hate this hill so much. Cycling is rubbish.
  64. I cycled 64 bloody miles! I hope there’s space for me to stop near the flat. There was that time I couldn’t and fell off in the middle of the road. Best not do that again.

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