Lululemon speed shorts – Review

Last Saturday something momentous happened. I ran. In shorts. In January! (A lot can happen in a week… yesterday I had to abort my 40 mile planned bike ride at 25 miles as I got too cold to go on any longer. The less we speak about that, the better.)

I was lucky enough to be sent* a pair of Lululemon speed shorts just before Christmas, and Saturday was the first time it was warm enough to give them a whirl…

Lulu speed shorts what do I think
Lulu’s speed shorts – what did I think?

Now, these shorts are short. I walked into the kitchen wearing them, and Mark starting singing “Who wears short shorts”. So keep that in mind before buying a pair.  I love to run in Nike’s boyshorts, the really tight, short ones, you know, so I’m used to getting my quads out for the lads, and wasn’t too fazed by the lack of coverage. They are very different from my beloved Nike shorts too, in that the fabric is really soft and light.

The best thing about thing about them is the cut: they sit low on the hips and when you’re not running, they’re super flattering everywhere. Even when you’re running, they don’t ride up on the bum, although – unavoidably? – they do make their way up your quads mile by mile.  They’ve got a small key pocket at the back, which is far too small for a phone, but is perfect for set of door keys and a car key.

In my opinion, they’re too short for the gym, and would be quite uncomfortable to cycle anywhere in.  Squatting in them could be dangerous!  They are totally perfect for running though, and I am looking forward to getting a parkrun PB in them in March (this WILL happen!).

I completely recommend these shorts if you like a short short – they’re aces for us show offs!

Lulu speed shorts jumping

*Lululemon kindly sent me these shorts after I enquired about them on Twitter. If I didn’t like them I would have said so, but I really do like them, so I’ve said so.


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