Dating an ‘athlete’

I love my boyfriend, Mark, and I think he likes me quite a lot too. However, I’ve been wondering what he thinks about there being 3 people in our relationship – us, and my training schedule. And here’s the very honest answer…



 – Here we are!



Cathy has asked me to write a blog about what it is like going out with a person who is dedicated to exercise. Before I go on, the content of this blog is not new to Cathy. I support her in everything she does and encourage her to be the best she can be at what she does: this is whether it is fitness or her job.



Now I am all for fitness, I work in the fitness industry and like to keep active and healthy myself. The hard part for me is that working in fitness means sometimes you just want your weekends and spare time to be away from your job. I ask anyone to finish work then go back and for several hours doing it for fun! Or even two mornings over a weekend…

Now, Cathy is great, she gets up early in the mornings to run, so she is not running in ‘our time’. This is great as it allows us to spend the evening together, although most of them end up looking like this:


Date Time – Most couples probably have a ‘date night’. Well, mine and Drew’s is somewhat different: let’s go running! To spend time with Cathy, I make sure that I accompany her on one of her 2 weekend runs around Brighton.  I’ve also been bullied into signed up to a half iron man with Cathy in July, so these runs are – luckily! – now also beneficial to me.

Time – where does it go?? You can lose most of a weekend to running. Take a 2 hour run, which is much longer in reality, as you have to get up early to eat breakfast prior to the run and then sort yourself out afterwards. With two runs a weekend that’s two mornings gone completely…

It’s always on your mind – so you go out for drinks, catch up with friends, it’s always on your mind: how far do I have to run tomorrow? What time am I getting up? How long should I stay out? I know this is Cathy’s choice to run, but as a couple it creeps it the other person life that is not as active. You start living your life by the way of the ‘athlete’. Early nights, early mornings, sleepy evenings.

SO if you can’t beat them, join them! I am now signed up to a half iron man, and this gives me the excuse to run when Cathy runs, swim when Cathy runs and ride my bike when Cathy runs. This means that we are both being productive during the time Cathy is running. I have found that you need to support them and this picture sums it up best:



And so there we have it, what Mark has really been thinking for these past 14 weeks! Thank you, Mark for writing for me!

(I would also like to point out that Mark isn’t exactly a couch potato: he has a marathon PB of 3 hours 33, can lift really, really heavy things and whenever he does parkrun he can beat me if he wants.)