Mmmbopping, graduating and being the oldest.

8 weeks down, 10 to go. That’s my marathon training in a nutshell.

In the past 8 weeks, I’ve run over 300 miles and spent far too long by myself bouncing along the streets of Brighton in the pouring rain, howling wind and, sometimes – very occasionally, beautiful wintery sunshine.  I’ve tried to keep up going to the gym and lifting at least twice a week and cycling to and from work, and squeezing in a swim when I can.  

I’ve been enjoying the plan and all the running far more than I ever thought I would – once you get into the habit of running every day (except Wednesday. I’ll now never run on a Wednesday. Wednesday’s are to be kept special and are for resting only.), it becomes just what you do. I’ve noticed already I’m feeling stronger and faster in the speed and the tempo runs, and have been trying super hard to slow right down in the easy runs. The long runs are getting longer, and I can 100% understand the idea of them making you feel like you’re running the last 12 or 14 miles of the marathon, as oppose the first 12 or 14. I have no sense of direction whatsoever, and so in the past, I’ve really stuck to the routes I know and the routes I’m not going to get horribly lost on. However, now I’m running so very much, I’ve had to mix up where I go, otherwise I might actually implode with boredom. It’s had mixed results, and I’ve sometimes ended up having to do laps of the road near the flat to make up an extra mile. Or two. 

I’ve also had to really, REALLY make sure I’m stretching and rolling an awful lot. My legs need it BADLY. I had a sports massage with Tom a week or two a go, and even though it hurt like nobody’s business, I know it’s what I need. This time last year I just waited until everything hurt and didn’t work anymore before I saw anyone and started to take care of myself – what a mistake-a to make-a and this year, it’s all about the maintenance.


-That’s Brighton this morning, that is. Running can be ace sometimes-


In other Drewbies news, I graduated! I should have done it in July last year, but my Dad was galavanting in Malawi* and so I wanted to wait so I could have him there with me. It was a really nice day – even though it rained for the whole time, boo you, January! – and I had lots of fun.  Sanjeev Bhaskar is our Chancellor, and he was actually really funny and gave everyone a hug when he handed out their certificate. It’s a kind of funny feeling, knowing that I’ve done uni COMPLETELY now. Still tempted by a Masters somewhen though. Anyone got £16k to lend me?!


-Recognise me, sans lycra?!


In even MORE exciting other Drewbies news, I turn 24 tomorrow! This puts me at the top-end of the parkrun age group I’m in. Scary.

As y’all know in the UK, one has to make their own cakes to take in for their work colleagues on their own birthday. Why?! WHY?! Anyway. I made chocolate and avocado brownies from a recipe sent to me by Stephanie and they are truly yummy. They are completely CathyFriendly without any adaptations at all, and the inlaws, Mark and I tested earlier to see if they were poisonous or not, and I can promise they aren’t. They are amazing.




I might forget to take them to work tomorrow… No one can get cross because I am the birthday girl.

Being 23 was a pretty poor year for running, as I was injured from March onwards. Apart from smashing my half marathon PB and discovering triathlon.

 I am hoping my 24th year on earth with be a bit more rocking.



Oh, and today I also played on my new ‘best Christmas present to myself EVER IN THIS HISTORY OF THE WORLD’ bike for the first time and it made me super happy.




*My dad runs a charity that does INCREDIBLE work in Malawi, and this year, I am trying to do my bit by running the London Marathon and attempting to get ’round an Ironboy.  The people of Malawi have to deal with far more day to day than I do trying to fit in a run everyday. It’s one of the poorest countries in the world: life expectancy is around 50 and over 70% of the country’s hospital beds are taken by HIV/AIDS patients. Medic Malawi is making a huge impact on a small area, but relies almost entirely on funds from people in the UK. The British Pound goes a really long way in Malawi, and even the smallest donation can make a difference to lives in Malawi. So please, if you’ve read my blog and can spare a couple of pounds, pop on over to my justgiving site and make a difference. Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Mmmbopping, graduating and being the oldest.

  1. Maddening that you have to take the cake in on your birthday. They even get you if your birthday was at the weekend! Hope you had a fab day! 🙂

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