Everything But The Cow – some tasty winnings!

Everyone loves winning stuff, don’t they? And so I was very chuffed – as you can imagine – to find out a week ago that I had won a month’s supply of Everything But The Cow dairy-free shakes, thanks to the lovely ladies over at Lunges and Lycra! They arrived at my office in a very glamourous looking black bag, and I’ve spent all week trying to decide which is my favourite flavour.

One of the things I’ve missed most since being diagnosed as lactose intolerant 5 years ago, are yummy milkshakes. Yes, you can usually get soy based shakes in coffee shops and the like, but I’ve yet to find a ‘portable’ dairy free shake that’s not chocolate or strawberry or banana. Not that they’re bad. Just that it gets boring.

I’d seen a lot about Everything But The Cow on Twitter and they sounded delicious. They come in 3 quite unusual sounding flavours: mango and orange, strawberry and raspberry and banana and kiwi. The flavour combinations sound pretty funky – but honestly, they’re yum. They are made entirely from natural ingredients, and flavoured with honey. They are a pretty generous size too, weighing in at 330ml per serving – and we all know how important size is for marathon runners. 

I’ve been drinking them after my runs, and they are a nice, fresh treat to add to my apres-run nutrition habit! I’ve also added them to homemade smoothies – wild, I know.

So which one do I like the most? I think it has to be mango and orange. I am a sucker for anything mango-y (I think it stems from the tons of it I ate on my gap yahr) and these are no different. I am having to ration them and not just drink them ALL.

These are really yummy shakes, and I’d recommend them to anyone – you don’t have been a non-dairy person to enjoy them, I promise. They don’t taste faddy-diety at all, I am told!


Thank you very much Lunges and Lycra for choosing me to win, and thank you Everything But The Cow for the delicious winnings!



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