Commit to something

What with it being the New Year and stuff, it’s all about resolutions, goals and that kind of thing. I was listening to Marathon Talk on my run today, and Martin was talking about you need to make goals PUBLIC to push you on to achieve them.

In terms of fitness goals, and particularly running, I have quite a few. So here goes, stick with me if you can.

5k – sub 21 minutes

10k – sub 43 minutes

13.1 – 95 minutes

26.2 – 3 hours 29 minutes 59 seconds

Olympic Tri – 2 hours 29 minutes

Ironboy – Under 5 hours


Do a full pull up

Deadlift 80kgs  90kgs

Squat 75kgs

Military Press 30kgs

So now they’re public there’s no turning back! Let’s stay uninjured shall we, body?


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