Jantastic Friday

It’s not everyday you get an answer phone message from a number you don’t recognise, but a voice you know instantly.

I’ve been listening to Marathon Talk for a couple of years, it is brilliant for lonely long winter runs, perfect for listening to whilst baking on a Sunday afternoon and fantastic on a long train ride back home to The Shire.  So when I heard Martin’s voice asking me to give him a call back and if I could help him out on a chilly Friday afternoon, I, of course, jumped at the chance. Being stranded in Steyning after doing a talk where the powerpoint froze half way through was forgotten: but that’s another story…

After a superman style change at work into some gorgeous and flashy Adidas gear (including some purple “Boost” trainers: HELLO), I rocked up at Studio57 clinic in Hove, stupidly excitable. Mitch calmed me down, gave me a coat that would make Arsene Wenger jealous and rang Martin to tell him the train I was on had broken down.

And then Martin walked in and I had to pretend I wasn’t starstruck. (I totally was.)

So off we went in his van to Hove Park, where they were finishing off with the runner being filmed before me. At this point, I feel like I should explain what I am about to get up to…

Jantastic. If that means nothing to you, it will soon! It’s an awesome initiative set up by Martin and Tom at Marathon Talk to keep us spring marathoners motivated and happy through miserable winter training. You make public the amount of runs you’re going to do per week (among other things over the weeks) and have to log them on the website. It’s great, and super motivating, as you’re accountable to someone by saying you’re going to hammer out all the runs you say you’re going to. This year it is going to be bigger and better – believe me! There’s been funding and sponsorship for Jantastic this year, as clever people have seen how awesome it is to get people into running. And part of the funding has gone towards a promotional video… it’s going to show the three ‘types’ of runners that would benefit from taking part in Jantastic: the regular runner, the occasional runner and the new runner. My mate 52marathonKev had been roped in early on to be the regular runner (as he runs quite a lot, I think). And me? Due to someone pulling out last minute, I landed the role of the occasional runner!

So instead of being at work on Friday afternoon, I was stood on Brighton seafront in my Arsene Wenger coat and super awesome new Adidas gear running up and down the prom, up and down stairs and doing a ‘piece to camera’. Amazing.

It got really cold, and at one point I thought my leggings were going to fall down, but I had such an ace afternoon. I could definitely get used to being a running model – if anyone needs one.

Get involved in Jantastic, one and all! A helluva a lot of work has gone into creating something awesome (not by me, by Marathon Talk and Martin!) and we should all jump at such an easy way to get motivated to run. You can sign up for Jantastic on the Marathon Talk website, and by following @jantasticme on Twitter. Seriously, do it!!! And watch the video too! 😉

P.S Thank you, Martin and team for such a wicked afternoon.

P.P.S Thank you, KB for the afternoon to do it, and for planting the idea I’d be a replacement run-tress!

Here are the results!


3 thoughts on “Jantastic Friday

  1. Not jealous at all of an afternoon being filmed running…. amazing what impact training consistently has on your fitness so have to agree that Jantastic is an awesome idea.

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