Life List

I recently came across Leah, from Naturally, Leah’s blog post about her “life list”. I thought I’d geg in, and do one too, just to give me some focus as I grow into being an adult and into the way I would like my fitness journey to go…

1. Run The London Marathon

2. Complete a triathlon

3. Complete an Ironman Triathlon

4. Run a marathon under 3 hours 30 minutes

5. Run a half marathon under 1 hour 35 minutes

6. Run a 20 minute 5km

7. Squat my bodyweight

8. Take up, and stick to, a yoga routine…

9. Go on a yoga retreat to India

10. Pace a marathon

11. Run Comrades

12. Become a Personal Trainer

13. Complete a nutrition course

14. Run a sub 6 minute mile

15. Learn to make my own protein bars and/or energy gels

16. Do a full pull up

17. Learn to do something cool, like ballet or trapeze

18. Meet Chrissie Wellington again, and tell her how much she’s inspired me (I am not an actual stalker)

19. Train someone to complete a marathon

20. Learn to clean and jerk (sounds like filth, isn’t)

21. Climb Kili

22. Cover the length (365 miles) and width (52 miles) of Lake Malawi by foot, bike or in the water in a limited time period

23. Organise my own running/triathlon event – and get people to actually turn up…!



4 thoughts on “Life List

  1. Right, so I’m your girl for nos. 9, 10 and 19! I’ll also do 21 with you (will stake out the territory over xmas for us), and if you come along with me some more, you’ll have 16 and 20 down in no time. Honestly, if I can do it, you can a million times over! Awesome list, I have no doubt you’ll be able to achieve all of it and then some. Can’t wait to watch it all take place…

  2. You forgot 22. Pace Tess to sub 25 min 5k. I could also do with some help on no. 10 & 19. Us Brighton ladies should meet up for a group run! *

    * Or hobble/power walk, as Tess has no functioning knees at the moment.

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