Hanson Brothers Marathon Method


No, not those Hanson Brothers. Although I may do all my runs to “MmmBop“.


The Hanson Method is how I am going get faster and stronger for The London Marathon in April – by running A LOT. Their method is famous for the fact that the long Sunday run isn’t actually very long at all: 16 miles tops. BUT. The idea is to run these 16 miles on tired legs… like, really tired legs. I’ll be running 6 times a week, with a weekly mileage of around 40 – 50 miles, topping out at 63 miles.  

It’s a very organised way of marathon training. 

  • Monday – Easy run ( 6 – 10 miles)
  • Tuesday – Speed (intervals)
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Marathon pace tempo run ( 6 – 10 miles)
  • Friday – Easy run (6 – 10 miles)
  • Saturday – Easy run (6 – 10 miles)
  • Sunday – Long run ( upto 16 miles)

Every. Single. Week.

That’s a lot of running. That is a whole lot of routine.

I am looking forward to it: although slightly concerned about how I am going to have a life away from running. I ought to just become a professional athlete, would make things easier all round. 

It may look very regimented, and almost too organised, but that’s what I like. I can deal with no flexibility. I think.

What I am worried about is the volume of mileage: I am so injury prone, and haven’t yet run more than 15 miles in a week in a very, very long time. Poor old body, it’s going to get a shock in 2 weeks time. Bring it on.




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