Kit review: Nike Boy Tempo Shorts



I LOVE bright kit. Love it. One of my favourite things in life is coming across a funky new piece of kit that I can rock in the gym or on the run.  Recently I found these beautiful babies on the Nike website and I just had to have them. Bez hates them, and so does everyone in my office but I love ’em, so I am gonna wear ‘em.


They aren’t for the faint hearted – they’re very short and ever so loud. However, I would argue that there’s no such thing as too short or too loud when it comes to race shorts. They fit like a dream, and are clever designed so that they aren’t super tight around your thighs. They do ride up a little bit: I think that’s unavoidable if you have legs, but not too much because of their slight looseness.


The fit is perfect around the hips: they aren’t too high and don’t give you a muffin top or belly roll. I like that it’s not a must to wear quite a baggy something on top to disguise dodgy bits.


I have a massive soft spot for Nike, and I think that that is part of the reason I love these shorts so much. I find that Nike’s clothing is always high quality and wears well: their stuff doesn’t fall apart or get holes in when you’ve worn it more than once. Nike, as a brand, is very directional when it comes to their clothing. It is fantastic to be able to buy leggings and shorts that are not black; that are not neon pink, orange or yellow. Like many of you guys, I often find myself having to do normal stuff in my running kit (read, that I am too lazy to get changed a million times a day) and with Nike’s clothing, I feel quite happy to wear their stuff out and about.


These shorts aren’t for the faint hearted, and people either love them or think they’re vile… but then clothes are meant to spark opinions, and why should sportswear be any different?



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