Florence and me.

There is a fifteen minute slot in my day which I adore.

 At around 5.35 every day, I get time to think, not think, unwind, work hard, relax, go fast, go slow, zone out, tune in.

Most people hate their commute to and from work, but I love it. Even the car “drivers” and the buses that own the road cannot ruin my ride.

I know how lucky I am to be able to cycle to and from home along a relatively flat, relatively straight and safe route. Most people have to battle with a severe lack of respect and room on the roads, and thankfully I usually get to carry on my way unbothered. 

Since I was given Florence by my lovely man for my birthday, cycling has become something I love, and something – like a run – I always enjoy in the end. Even if I don’t feel like getting on my bike first thing in the morning to go to the gym or to work, once I am on my way… well. It’s ace.

“An ode to Flo”








Entirely beautiful


Thanks, Flo!



– Flo-etry in motion (Rigmer Tri, 2013)


One thought on “Florence and me.

  1. Ahh I love my bike too, although I’m not sure I will after lugging it round the Super Sprint course of London Duathlon this Sunday – hoping I’m not the only one with a hybrid there. Yours looks lovely – a racer is on my list to get next!

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