My legs and me.

Dear Legs,

I just want to offer you an apology.

I am really sorry for being grumpy at you yesterday.  The lady’s legs that I ‘envied’ were not a patch on you, even if they’d fit in skinny jeans with a bit more ease.  Hers couldn’t walk up the hill as fast as you guys, and I bet she can’t rock short shorts like you can.

I just want to say thank you for getting me through miles and miles and miles, and for being happy doing what ever I throw at you. Last year I decided I want to squat and deadlift and step up, and you came along without (too much) complaint.  2 years ago I thought that running marathons might be a good idea, and you’ve come along for the ride – but not without moaning. Sorry for not stretching you out enough, or letting you have a rest every now and then.  I love how when I get back in the swimming pool after months and months away, you are great at remembering what to do, and letting me ‘chick’ a load of be-capped men in the pool.  Your strength knows no bounds on the bike, and you allow me to cycle up and down and round and round every day without ever letting me down.

I love you, legs.  I love the way that you have changed shape over the past few years, gaining muscle and power every day.  I love how when I move, I can see your muscles that are powering me around, day-in day-out.  

So this girl whose legs I envied.  Hers were smaller, less ‘bulky’: more streamline… but you are mine, and you rock.  



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