Holiday and heading in the real world…

I have had the best July ever. The weather has been GREAT and everything has just fallen into place for me: I moved into the most loveliest of flats with Bez, earned myself a 2.1 in my degree and bagged an ace job that starts in less than 2 weeks time. So I have treated myself to the month off.  This time off has mostly involved lots of cycling, a bit of swimming, some heavy lifting and a bit of Bikram and a bit of running.  I have found my fitness soul-mate in the form of the fabulous Jen, and in her company I even managed a swim in the sea yesterday (accompanied by a wetsuit!).

I have signed up to my first triathlon – eeeeeek – which in on the 18th of August, and I am very excited, if not a little nervous.  I love all the disciplines, and although my training has been somewhat random and half-hearted, I am pretty sure I am going to absolutely ADORE racing.  I also bagged my GFA entry for London next year, and I don’t think I will quite believe I am actually running the London Marathon until the day itself. It’s one of those things that you always dream of doing as a runner… I am so lucky to have to chance so soon.

Next week, Bez and I are off on a camping trip to the New Forest (but not before going to watch Usain Bolt and co. at the Anniversary Games on Friday! ), which will be a week full of fun and activities – my favourites! So far on our itinerary, I have horse-riding, a long bike ride full of exploring and getting lost, surfing and wild swimming. Here’s to hoping the sun continues to shine!

After we get back… it’s to work! My job starts on the 5th of August – eeek! I am really excited, if not a little highly nervous.  It’s full-time, and it’s going to be a shock to the system! My plan is to go to the gym before work most mornings, and then head to a yoga class on a weekday evening: leaving the weekends free for running, swimming and biking. I also have some new smart clothes (yipee!!), and I am guessing most of my shorts won’t cut it…

Here’s to the next stage and sunny days! 


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