Drewbies on boobies.

A couple of weekends ago, I went to watch my lovely friend Lara run the ‘Race For Life’. The ‘Race For Life’ is great: it positively brings women together, encourages women to be active together and encourages women to raise money for Cancer Research together. 

I did notice something preeeetty worrying at this event though: the severe lack of boob support. There was far too much bouncing up in front on far too many women.  The first rule of taking up running is usually “buy a decent pair of trainers”, and this is totally true, but I would argue that for us ladies, a decent sports bra is of equal importance, if not more in some instances. 

Now, God has not been very generous to me in the booby-department – which I am not complaining about – but I still take great care to protect my puppies from too much excitement when I am running. It’s really uncomfortable up-top if I don’t wear a decent sports bra for a start, and I can only imagine the soreness for anyone with bigger boobs than me. 

There’s a load of scientific research out there on the importance of protecting your boobs: but very basically, too much bouncing around weakens the ‘Cooper’s ligament’, which is what keeps them perky and un-saggy.  If you wear a decent fitting sports bra, it can preserve the elasticity of the ligament, and keep them looking happier for longer.  You wouldn’t go out for a run with your hair swinging around every which way, would you? So don’t let your boobs fly around either! 

There are some fan-tabulous options out there, and it’s worth spending a little bit more to protect those bootyful boobies.  I personally wear Shock Absorber, which is a brand available pretty much everywhere.  They do a special one for running, imaginatively called the ‘Run’ bra.  I can’t fault it really and it goes up to an ‘F’ cup. 

So ladies, protect your assets and avoid black eyes 😉


P.S For a plethora of great options, take a look at: www.sportsbrabar.com… no excuses now!


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