Super Saturday!

Yesterday was really super duper – all of it was spent either doing something active or eating.  

Tentatively, I decided on Friday night that I was going to do Parkrun this weekend.  I say tentatively because it would be the furthest I would’ve run since the marathon, and most definitely the fastest.  My hip still doesn’t feel quite right, a little bit tight and achy, and I feel didn’t want to undo all my hard work resting it in one morning.  My friend Rose said she’d do it with me, and it was the first time she’d run in a while too, so I bit the bullet and promised to my hip I would go easy… We headed down to Preston Park (a fairly new event in Brighton) and I felt excited as soon as I got there. I love ‘racing’! I’d forgotten how friendly Parkrun is, and how ace it is to be surrounded by runners of all different shapes, in all different outfits and sporting all different accessories.  My fave yesterday was a toss up between the guy that zoomed round sub-20 with a buggy and a rather large child, and a man in a striped shirt and denim shorts. 

I started off fairly carefully, but got bored of being careful pretty quickly and found myself deciding who I was going to pick off next (once a cross-county runner, always a cross country runner…).  The route around Preston park means you have to run up a pretty beastly little hill 3 times, and by the third time – with .5km to go, I was really feeling it! I wasn’t wearing a watch, and so had no idea what sort of time I was heading towards… I had no pain though, which makes me sooooooo happy! Only good pain – you know, feeling sick, lungs feeling like the might explode, hamstrings screaming… All the happy pain. My time ended up being 22:18, and I was 8th female overall.  Sweet! But definitely could do better. I think I could touch 21 mins this summer, if I am sensible and work hard.

From Parkrun, I headed home on my bike and out to lunch with my housemates at a cute-as vegetarian eatery in Brighton’s North Laines, and then off again to play tennis in Rottingdean, about 4 miles down the coast.  I think one of my favourite views in the world is the view across the cliffs along the seafront, especially in the summer sun.  Not a huge amount of tennis was played, as the friends we met up with had 4 children under 7 between them and an ice cream van turned up… More time was spent practicing hand-stands and playing tag.

Mark and I headed to the Marina for dinner and I was SO EXCITED to learn that Pizza Express now do gluten-free pizza!!! However, when it came, I was slightly disappointed… They weren’t exactly generous with the toppings and it looked quite bare, particularly as I can’t have cheese either! Mark had the biggest pasty/pizza thing I’ve ever seen, so maybe all their efforts went into making that instead…

So that was my super Saturday! Today has mostly involved eating and not much exercising, but my hip doesn’t hurt 🙂 I am not going to be an idiot though and am not planning on running again until next weekend.

How was your weekend? Hope it was super!Image 

Bez + massive food.


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