Lift like a man, look like a goddess

Running long distance and lifting weights are not perfect bed fellows. Ideally you’d want to do 3 strength sessions a week, but this would mean lifting on a day that should be a recovery day after a long run, and so any session you do do will end up counter productive.

I am not training for any thing remotely long distance at the moment, I jumped at the chance to get back in the gym and lifting weights properly. Last time worked on my strength was between the Chester and Brighton marathons, and in coming back to training after a good 8 weeks lifting properly, I could really feel the difference in my leg and core strength. I am now following a plan by Alwyn Cosgrove, a top S&C man from the States.  The book is called “The New Rules Of Lifting For Women” and these new rules are basically for us to stop faffing around with barbie weights, and to lift like men do. But maybe with less grunting and better technique. I am currently on the first ‘stage’, and loving getting back lifting.  I have recently mastered (ish) the deadlift and although I am only upto about 32kg at the moment (for 12 reps) I reckon I’ll be lifting my body weight pretty soon which’ll be sweet.

Lifting weights is something that a lot of women still fear, but we really mustn’t.  Lifting heavy shapes your body like cardio cannot do: it gives you a badass booty and sexy-as arms. I am very competitive, and I love the fact that I can now outlift some fellas.

But whilst it’s kinda fun to be the only chick in the boys’ playground that is the weights room, I really wish that I had some company… I know that I am probably preaching to the converted in most of you that are reading this, but if you are a lady yet to embrace the iron, all I can say is GIVE IT A GO.  The book I’m working from is a great place to start, but it’s worth having a chat to the instructors in your gym: it’s more than likely they’ll be really helpful and set you on the right track. 

Don’t get me wrong, running is, and always will be, my first love, but I’m not gonna lie: weights are coming in a pretty close second at the moment. I am so i-word prone that any strengthening exercises are good for me, and if bullet proofing my body can be incorporated with gaining some guns, I’m even more keen!


7 thoughts on “Lift like a man, look like a goddess

  1. I love lifting heavy weights but I do it at Crossfit where I have the company of other ladies and where I’m taught how to lift properly (I knew nothing about weight lifting before). And -I do it just twice a week so it doesn’t mess with my running 🙂

    1. When I’m mara training I’ll only lift twice a week: my legs are too exhausted otherwise! Crossfit does look fab, and it’d be great to have some chicas around me for once!!

  2. Yes you are preaching to the converted to me but the more women that write about lifting weights and how good it is for your health and how amazing it makes you feel the better!! I too don’t think you can run well and lift weights well (i.e. competitively, I am sure some will disagree) but that doesn’t mean you can do both. you should always do what you enjoy and if that’s running AND weights then go for it (as long as you do give your body time to recover!)

    Well done on your deadlift, your first bodyweight deadlift will be the SWEETEST feeling…

  3. Great post. I also love practising the Olympic lifts at cross fit. I do think it complements my running and helps prevent injury at the level I lift at. Squats all the way! Plus when I was practising clean and jerk last night I felt like such a badass! Maybe they should teach it to girls at PE in schools?

    1. If they taught it in school that’d be so good. For my Level 2 H&F instructor qualification I have to run a session with some U16s, and I think I am going to do a weights session with some year 10 girls, what do you think?

      1. I would have loved to have been taught a weights session at that age. Show them it’s not just for the boys!

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