Pointless exercise

So due to my current inability to use the great outdoors as my exercising playground, I have had to spend an awful lot of time with Jim.  Inside, cooped up with a load of other people.  Not my fave, especially when the sun is out -FINALLY – and I could be getting a tan running the seafront once again.

Now, I don’t actually mind the gym all that much: cross-training ain’t all bad and I have a newly aquired love of Spin.  I am, however, getting the hump quite majorly about an aspect of the gym.  Other people. Not everyone, no, no, no.  Just people that go the gym and do sweet f – a.

Maybe it is that I don’t understand what they are doing. Maybe trolling along at -1 mile per hour on the cross trainer is some new trend for blitzing fat that I have not come across, but I don’t think so. I don’t get why you would waste time going to the gym at all, when you’re not even going to try and break a sweat. I’m not suggesting that everyone goes nuts (like me!) and drip sweat all over the bike, I just think if you are going to rock up, you might as well give it at least half a go.

My main gripes are the following:

– Reading on the treadmill. Reading on the cross – trainer or bike I can just about cope with, but I don’t get how it is possible whilst running.

– Sitting on the weights machine ON THE PHONE. This hacks me off soooo much. At least pretend to be doing something.

– Turning up to the gym in jeans  and/or jumper. Why?

– Half – a**ed weight lifting

– Checking yourself out in the mirror more than actually doing anything would make you look better in the mirror.

I like to be inspired in the gym: to look at people working out and think, “If they can work as hard as that, so can I”.

So stop messin’ around people.  You’ve paid your membership – make good use of it! It’s more fun to get schweaty at any rate.


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