Training week 7 (HALF WAY!) #operationsub330

So after the ace weekend of blasting my PB at the Brighton Half, it was back to training and time to really focus: I’m halfway there now, and my ultimate goal is very much in sight…

Monday – Very slow recovery run was on the cards today: and I ended up running an average pace 2 minutes slow than my half marathon average pace! I think I got the slow bit down!

Tuesday – This week I was working on children’s half term holiday camps, and so I had to do my gym session after work finished at about 8:15pm… I know, I know, I expect all you working folk spend your lives squeezing gym sessions in all over the place, but I am a student and so am not used to these 12 hour days!

Wednesday – Today was a day that I loved loved loved running (again!) I had a really good threshold 5 miles with Kev (even though half marathon pace felt like running through treacle) and then had my beginners running class after I had finished the children’s club.  I was so proud and happy for them all today: we ran continuously for 10 minutes and then followed that up by running a mile.  All of them were really chuffed and surprised that they could do it, and it was so nice to see.  Proof, if I needed it, that running makes you happy!

Thursday – Eurgh, today’s run was not fun! I had 75 minutes with 15 at half marathon pace and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold and windy.  To add to my woes, I’d not eaten properly (a banana and mini haribo don’t count) since 6:30am and had done a gym session.  What-a mistake-a to make-a.  I managed – just – to squeeze out the 15 minutes at 7:39 but it was really hard and I did not enjoy.

Friday – Hallelujah, a day of rest, and Bikram Yoga to remind me how inflexible I am.

Saturday – Bez and I headed up to the gym so that I could do a speed session of 5 x 5 minutes at 10 km pace, what a romantic Saturday morning.  The BEST thing ever happened though: I did not one, not two, but THREE UNassisted chin ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It deserves that many exclamation marks, because I never ever thought I would do it.  I think I may have done a fist pump when I jumped down.  Embarrassing.

Sunday – Return of the long run: 18 miles on the cards today.  It was pretty good really and now I am feeling pretty fresh 🙂 I listened to the ‘Marathon Talk’ podcast for the first 10 miles, which made them fly by, then Bez joined me for 6 which is always nice, and then I pushed on home, trying to clip on to marathon pace for the final 2.  I did an 8:18 and a 7:53, so didn’t quite manage it, but I blame the traffic lights and pedestrians.  And the wind, dogs and buggies. In gel news today, I tried the High 5 banana flavour gel at mile 10 and it is YUMMY.  Like having a banana milkshake.  New fave.  Also, I had ‘Cherry Active’ recovery stuff for the first time today… pretty nice too, and below is a picture of me with it. Why not?!

Next week brings the Bath Half, which I am running with my dear friends Dave and Jen from Lille.  I am super happy with how training is going so far: just 4 weeks to focus on now, and I am going to give it everything.Image


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