Training week 5 #operationsub330

This week has been a ‘recovery and adaptation’ week, and so it was quite chilled really! I felt like I needed a week to reload my batteries for the next cycle of tough weeks powering on to sub 3:30. I am really hoping I haven’t set the bar too high… I’m starting to worry that I’m nowhere near where I need to be at this stage in the game, but I’m trying to stay positive!

Monday – Cross training was on the agenda today, so I did a 7 x 30 seconds on the bike and then a very boring 30 minutes on the funny runner aka cross trainer. Dull. Dull. Dull. Note to self: swimming is much more fun.

Tuesday – Today was my first session as a Run Leader for the group we are running at work. I was planning to make my run with them my run for the day, but as I was leading the way and didn’t really know where to go I ended up doing it myself first. Never mind. It was a beautiful day and a lovely route. The group was pretty varied, but I’m looking forward to taking them out more and getting to know them all.

Wednesday – Today was ace! It totally reminded me why I love running. So I started my day with Kev again, doing the killer 5 mile loop at 7:30. It was GREAT though because I was faster than last week! Everyone loves improvement – even if it is just by a few seconds per mile. Hopefully this trend will continue each week and in a few weeks I’ll be knocking out sub 7 minute miles no trouble at all!
Today I lead my runners beginners group at work: it was so good 🙂 It was windy and a bit muddy but all my runners tried really hard and seemed to enjoy it… We did 20 minutes in total: 1 minute run, 1 minute walk. I really hope that they keep coming back and we all end up running a 5km race in 10 weeks time!

Thursday – I had a nice, easy 60 minutes planned for this afternoon which was all well and good – except my legs were like lead and so it wasn’t nice or easy. I also stopped my Garmin at some traffic lights and then forgot to restart it again until I’d run another mile which wasn’t ideal, and being so OCD I had to keep running until I’d clocked up my 60 minutes ‘officially’. Not a run to remember.

Friday – WOOOOOOOOOOOO REST DAY! Although I did go to Bikram Yoga and feel really faint afterwards which is always fun.

Saturday – I did my long run (which was only 75 minutes) today with Bez, and I am so glad I did because it POURED with rain on Sunday all day. We took it very easy, ended up averaging 9.16 m/m. I’d like to say we just ran and chatted, but we didn’t because my boyfriend doesn’t chat on runs. We did have a coffee and a 9 bar at the end and then a huge bowl of pasta afterwards though, so that was fine.

Next week it’s back to intervals, some marathon pace work and lifting heavy (for me!) in the gym. I’m pretty excited to get back into it though, just hope it stops raining!



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