Training week FOUR #operationsub330

This week was tough.  It was my birthday yesterday (23, getting on!), and so I didn’t really want to do my long run on the Sunday, so had to shove my sessions altogether to fit them in! Furthermore, it was raining for most of the week, or felt like it, and I got drenched on a few occasions!

Monday – I began this week with a 9pm rainy, windy, horrible, tiring, grim, chilly recovery run.  I hadn’t had time in the day, so ended up doing it after.  It was a challenge, and didn’t feel like a recovery run at all as I battled along the seafront 😦 Eurgh.

Tuesday – Today bought a Marathon Pace 5 miles, again, in the wind and drizzle.  I managed to average 7.56 m/m, so I was super pleased with that.  This was after a 6 mile bike ride, and a gym session too, so I hoping that 8 m/m over the marathon itself isn’t too much of a dream.

Wednesday – Run with Kev day came around again: and it was better than last time! I managed a 7.22 mile at mile 7: not too shabby! I think these sessions are going to be so beneficial, partly because my ego means I can’t slow down when Kev’s easily jogging along beside me!

Thursday – Gym day today, and I managed to lift heavier in all my exercises! That bit closer to doing an actual pull up… Running does make you stronger! I left my run til late again, but it wasn’t too bad this time  – the wind had dropped and it was actually nice to just cruise along the Brighton seafront with no one else around.

Friday – After packing envelopes at work for 2.5 hours, I was almost looking forward to today’s run… almost.  This is because it was a Kenyan Hills session: basically running up a hill for 90secs, then down for 90secs – 12 times. Yep, 12.  My hamstrings felt like they were on FIRE.  It was tough, and my speed was shocking (fastest hill: 9.03 m/m) but I did it. Just.

Saturday – Longest run yet today: 16 miles! I averaged 8.49 m/m which felt easy and I wasn’t too tired at the end.  I ran with my friend Rose and Bez came along for about 10.  The weather was kind to us: it was sunny for once! Although the wind was grim, as per.

Sunday – Today was my BIRTHDAY! 😀 I had such a nice day, and got to play on my birthday present… a new bike! It’s sparkly, swift and beautiful.  I have always wanted to do a triathlon, and now I have the perfect bike to accompany me.  I am going to sign up for one in July, I think… EEEE 😀


Total mileage for January: 122 miles                                   Bring it on, February!   bike


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