Training week THREE #operationsub330

The past 7 days have been great in terms of training: feeling way better from my slight illness the week before, and the streets of Brighton became clear of snow pretty quickly, so no problem getting the miles in.  I went back to Uni this week too, and it’s good to be back into a routine.

Monday – To start of the week with a rest day, as I did this week, is nice, but feels a bit like cheating! I did work all morning and then have a seminar all afternoon though, and it was nice to be able to go home and not have to run.

Tuesday – Tuesday began with a 5 mile threshold run with a friend of mine called Kev, who, in 2011, ran 52 marathons. Yes, that is one every week.  He is a brilliant runner. This year he wants to go sub 3, but took me out first thing Tuesday for a (really) tough 5 miles.  For him, I think it was pretty easy, but I was really pushing by the end. Shows that no matter how good you think you are, there is always some one a massive amount better not far away!  I then went home, ATE (breakfast has never tasted so good!) and cycled up to the gym to do my workout.  The gym was packed which is really did not appreciate – never mind, January will be over soon and they will all disappear!

Wednesday – Today was a much needed easy 3.6 miles; just turning the legs over.

Thursday – A double day again today: started in the gym at 7:30 with a workout.  I was one of about 6 people: I wonder why?! Later in the day, I headed in to do a treadmill fartlek 40 minutes… first time I have been on a treadmill in over year! It was a great session though: I actually really liked setting my pace for the hard 2 minutes and pushing, pushing through.  When it’s just me and my Garmin, it’s quite easy to slack off the pace. No chance on the treadmill, although I think I could but the speed up more than I had it…

Friday – A pre breakfast recovery run to let my legs settle from the day before!

Saturday – A rest day! Wahoo!

Sunday – Long Run Sunday… Today I went out with Bez and our friends Rose and Ian (both are training for Brighton. Bez isn’t – he just likes hanging out with me!) and let them lead the way. This was not the funnest run I have ever done in my life, as it was off – road, and I don’t do off road.  I do not enjoy mud, nor do I enjoy windy hilltops and I don’t really like scenery all that much either.  It was 14 miles, but took nearly 2 and a half hours and my brand new beautiful trainers are now covered in Sussex mud, bleh.  It was kind of fun, looking back… ish.  Not my first choice of route though, that’s for sure! 35 miles banked this week though, which I’m pretty happy with.ImageImage


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