Training week TWO #operationsub330

This week has been very mixed indeed – some good stuff, and some not so good stuff. I have run in both Brighton and Shrewsbury and used my parents’ lounge as a gym!

Monday – Today was the day of my PGCE interview, which was a pretty big deal.  This night before I just couldn’t sleep, and so when I was WIDE awake at 5:20am, it seemed like the sensible thing to do to go for the 40 minute recovery run I had scheduled.  It was lovely – just me and it trying to snow.  The interview was… well, more on that later.  The run (which is what really matters!) was slow and chilly, with very little else to report. 

Tuesday – I managed to put today’s session off until the very last minute – I didn’t get out to 4 ish, having spent the day being a lady of leisure at my Mum and Dad’s! It was a hill sprint session: two lots of 6 x 30 sec sprints.  Yuck.  I ran to the hill (1 mile) did one set, ran a mile, did the second set and ran back home again.  I was a bit disappointed with the speeds I was getting to on the 30 second sprints.  Must try harder.  At home, I transformed – well, moved the cushion from the sofa and pushed the coffee table out the way – our lounge into a gym and did a session Bez had created for me ‘in case of emergency’.  It was pretty tough, particularly as I chose to watch ‘Come Dine With Me’ during it, as was starving throughout.

Wednesday – Today was a nice, easy recovery run – just 3 miles or so. It was really chilly though, and took at least 15 minutes before my legs were properly working!

Thursday – I shan’t be repeating the 17th of January, as it was pretty rubbish all round.  I woke up feeling dreadful and flu-y.  Great. No 40 min MP or ‘Come Gym With Me’ today.  It was all alright though and I was being nursed back to health by my fruit providing Father until THE LETTER came.  I hadn’t been accepted onto the PGCE course I wanted.  Rubbish news really, although it gives me more of an excuse to pursue my dream as a world renowned running instructor/circus performer.

Friday – Sorry, not much to report today as I spent most of it asleep and/or watching daytime TV.  It was rest day anyway, so I didn’t feel too bad about being in my pyjamas under a duvet in the lounge for the duration.

Saturday – Still no running, but I was determined to make it back to Brighton: and I felt much better – running does wonders for the immune system: a runner is never down for long! So off down south I went, although much more smoothly than anticipated, as the snow was making a nuisance of its self in many places. The whole way, I was willing myself to be well enough to run on Sunday…

Sunday – …and run I did! Probably not the most intelligent decision I have ever made, but, writing this now I really feel fine! Better, actually, than I did this morning! It was a very slow, careful 12.6 miles, but it was 12.6 miles all the same.  Bez joined me for 8 miles, which made it much easier to battle through the snow (yes folks, it was snowing the entire way round.  Jolly good.) as he’s lovely company and was wearing pink socks.


Next week I am back at Uni, so will have to fit my running around my 6 hours of lectures – a struggle, I know…ImageImage


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