Training Week ONE #operationsub330

This week has been my first week training for Brighton 2013! I have to say, I love training properly again – even getting up at 6:30 for a threshold run… I work better with goals in mind, even in week 1. 

I am taking part in #jantastic which is an awesome initiative from Marathon Talk which is a really great podcast about running (Liz Yelling’s husband is a half of it) and it’s nice to feel part of a community again like I did when I was part of Project 26.2.


So this week’s training went like this:


Monday – I had a nice easy run to welcome me into my marathon training! Just 30 minutes recovery (from what exactly I am not sure!) and it was a nice break from my revision hell.



Tuesday – Today’s was the 6:30am 20 minute @ threshold – pretty tough to get up for! Really glad I did it though, although I can definitely tell I run better with some food inside me!  Managed to average 7.36 m/m which was alright, although I think I can go faster J

Today also brought my first gym session of the 14 weeks.  Bez has written me a really careful plan, which is super good.  It’s nice to be doing 3 sets of 8 reps again, rather than GVT!


Wednesday –  I finally handed in my 3, 500 word essay I’d been working on all term! Hurrah.  So I celebrated by doing some HIIT (6 x 30 secs hard, 1 minute rest) on the bike in the gym followed by a hilly recovery run when I got home.


Thursday- Today’s run was FAB. Even after a 7:30am gym session, I felt so fresh! It was meant to be a marathon pace 30 mins, but 8 m/m felt too easy, and ended up doing 7.49 m/m for 4 miles.  If I can do that for the marathon I would be amazed.  That would take me in at about 3 hours 25: beyond my wildest dreams.


Friday – REST! I should’ve gone to Bikram Yoga today, and normally will on Friday lunchtimes, but today I had to go into work and discuss starting up running groups. It could be really fun (and I’d get paid to run, bonus!) so will keep y’all updated!


Saturday – I had my exam this afternoon, and it was a real effort to get out and run after doing that – in the pouring rain AND doing Kenyan Hills (running up for 90secs, then down and repeat for 20 mins) But I did it, and I am glad I did, even though they weren’t very fast… 9.03 m/m was my quickest.



Sunday – 90 minute long run.  It was a beautiful day, and I managed 10.6 miles at an average pace of 8.32 m/m, which is what I should be running at if I can going to get that sub 3.30.  In my previous marathons I have aimed for marathon pace in long runs, but after reading some more running stuff, it isn’t the best practice to run at marathon pace on long runs, so I am going to go for that this time!


So next week will be running in Shrewsbury, where Mum and Dad are.  I like running up there, but it’s a bit harder to find routes (I have a major tendency to get lost ANYWHERE!) although the change of scenery is nice!


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