What every girl needs to know about running.

“Oh yes, you’ll love running!” your be-trainered, bright eyed, cheerful friend tells you. “You should just get out there – it’s relaxing, it gets you outside… ooo it’s just marvellous! Changed my life…”

Now, I could be that friend. I am a devoted, addicted runner: and proud. During the week, I clock up between 30 – 40 miles (I am training for a marathon, my third). I rarely miss a timetabled run and I own a gel belt and have a running draw. It’s fair to say I love running. However, I do think that, before you join me in what is THE best past time ever there are a few things I feel I should tell you about being a runner. You have been warned…

1) You will lose a toenail.

– I am sorry but I thought I’d start with the most disgusting. I don’t think I have 10 toenails since mid-2010. Your feet will become a bit of a mess in general. Get over it and embrace the covered shoe.

2) You will spend a fortune on socks.

-Who knew a pair of white socks could cost more than £20?! Not me. And they can.

3) You will have to embrace the ‘highpony’.

-A good, secure high pony tail will become your new favourite hairstyle. You may well take it on as your signature style. I may have done.

4) You will motor through kirby grips.

-See above.

5) You will eventually be seen, in public, in lycra.

-It just looks better. It is also easier to run in, dries more quickly from the wash and makes you feel like a runner. It’s also warmer in winter, so leaves you NO excuse to skip a run in winter! There are heaps of awesome leggings out there, so enjoy lycra: and that slicker, smoother running silhouette.

6) You will need to get used to yucky hair.

-Often, there just isn’t time to wash your locks. The wet look suits no one and therefore, sometimes dry shampoo is the only option. I’m really sorry but it’s true and it will happen to you! Invest in some Batiste. Now.

7) You will buy a digital watch.

-Yes, you may start running for the joy of running: the feeling of the wind rushing through your hair, your feet gently tapping along the pavement, the beauty of feeling your body move elegantly along the pavement.  And yet, soon enough, you’ll want to know how far you’ve gone. Then how fast. Then your average pace per mile. Then the average gradient of the route. It is a downward spiral girls, that will eventually only lead to one thing: owning a watch that costs more than a pair of Louboutins.  I would be nowhere without out my chunky and bleeping, yet beautiful, Gavin the Garmin. You have been warned.

8) You will save money each week by not buying your usual celebrity weekly.

-As spending £4.50 on Runner’s World each month will seem much more sensible!

9) You will forego that 4th glass of wine on a Saturday night.

-As having to do a 20 mile training run very hungover is horrid. Quite hungover is OK though.

10) You will look at dogs and children on scooters/bikes/skateboards/roller-skates/bobsleighs in a very different light.

-Right now you probably see them as a small annoyance on your Sunday morning walk. You will soon see them as trip hazards that could ruin your running career. AVOID AVOID AVOID!

11) You will forget everything you ever knew about diet ‘rules’.

-Snacking is brilliant fun, and also necessary.  If you skip meals, you might as well skip a run for how cr*p you will feel a few miles in. Carbs are brilliant too, as is a large piece of cake after 2 hours pounding the pavement.

12) You will LOVE your trainers.

-For a runner, trainers are not just shoes. They will become a part of you, and you will adore them like a pet (or a child, I would imagine!) Treat them with respect.

13) You will become HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, more LIVELY, more DRIVEN, more AMBITIOUS, more SMILEY, more RELAXED.

-Running is ace. I think that becoming a runner is just about the best decision you’ll make.  It’s fun, free and will boost your confidence no end. So please give it a go. Go on!

.1) You will know why I have put this here once you start that half marathon training

.2) This one number you will HATE as a runner. Never forget the point 2!

Happy Running!


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